A Matter of Faith: A Presby Podcast

Hutchinson T Drop, Independence, & A Different Evangelical Perspective w/ Sarah Hedgecock

July 07, 2022 Simon Doong and Lee Catoe Season 1 Episode 79
A Matter of Faith: A Presby Podcast
Hutchinson T Drop, Independence, & A Different Evangelical Perspective w/ Sarah Hedgecock
Show Notes

This week we (kinda) theme the episode around July the 4th! And we talk about the surprise hearing from the January 6th Committee and how that impacts our faith. All that and more on this week's episode!

Question for the week:
What does it mean to celebrate independence?

Special Guest:
Sarah Hedgecock, PhD Candidate in Religion at Columbia University

Guest Question:
As progressive Christians, we often describe ourselves, our perspectives, and our actions in contrast to evangelical Christianity. But evangelical Christianity also changes and adapts to the times and trends, albeit sometimes in different ways from progressive Christianity. How are we to understand evangelical Christian identity today? And are there any implications for progressive Christians? | Ahmed, Sara. “A Phenomenology of Whiteness.” Feminist Theory 8, no. 2 (August 1, 2007): 149–68.

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